This collection fulfils a dream of the talented, yet unknown, Romanian graphic artist
Eva Cerbu. In 1970, her dream was to print her works on fabrics. So, more than 40 years later,
I transformed her graphics into wearable ART. I focused on Eva Cerbu’s Fisherman serigraphy
series. As she was searching for the right colors, she made a series of ‘Fishing Nets’ in
green, ochre, violet and blue. I made these the colors of my collections and started a mini series
exploring every one of them.
Prints made on silk and velvet embrace the contours of the woman’s silhouette and allows art to
live more intensely this season. The cuts are bolder, the lines are stronger, this collection definitely
defines the attitude and feminine spirit of ARGO.
The prints are balanced by the knitted line of color blocking sweaters in vibrant pink, turquoise,
green, blue and red. They are made from precious fibers, with the softest touch, blends of angora
and cashmere, ready to be worn and loved.
E-TOPIA, the name of the collection, is the free idealist-equilibrate society in which I wish to create.
Is the society were art is valued and quality is felt.