Elegant Collection

The elegant Impressive Silk collection is made entirely of silk and retains the scent of flowers and the moment of static nature richly decorated in Alma Redlinger’s paintings.

The patterns chosen for each print: Poppies, City and Workshop are carefully matched with sumptuous silks and veils in the shades of autumn for the woman who wants to be beautiful and carry ART with her. All the pieces of the elegant collection, Fall New Silk, were photographed in the Storck Museum, a house turned into a historical monument, and transformed into a campaign of recognition and respect for cultural values.

I am still impressed when I think of the first page read from “The fresco of my life” by Cecilia Cuțescu Storck. This lady of the past taught me to make my collection with great skill as a work of art, a work felt, thought and seen many years before it was made. In her workshop, her artistic belief is written above the door, which I also master: “Work, work and work again”. I pass this on to all young people and invite them to see the power of love captured in the frescoes that decorate the interior, in the old paintings, in the spring and garden of the red house of Pompeii, in Vasile Alecsandi Street, and all to make them discover a Bucharest that she must loved. ” Andreea Buga

Photo – Tibi Vîntur

Styling – Ovidiu Buta

Make-up – Raluca Crăciun

Hair – Adonis Enache

Models – Cezara Tomesco