Summer is for Silk on Skin

Because scarves were my first success and the first thing I sold, I continued the series by printing on light and glowy silk crepe de Chine fabric on which Alma Redlinger’s flowers seem to come to life. Measuring 130x130cm, these versatile pieces can be worn anyhow and anywhere: around the neck as an oversized papillon, transformed into your favorite bag or as a turban if you want to be special and make a change of attitude.


You can look at a painting, but you can never eternalize the moment. I wanted to do precisely that for the women who wear beauty on their skin and feel silk is a part of their elegance and attitude. The motifs that gave birth to my first collection were the flowers from Alma Redlinger’s paintings which I printed directly on silk. They represent the spirit of contemporary art applied creatively to fashion design.



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