Here’s a sparkling idea! by Adina Nanu

It’s more like a short circuit between the museum and the street.

Very few youngsters go to art museums today to recollect their thoughts and connect to the universal harmony. Schools, even thought they initiate them, doesn’t really train the youngsters to communicate constantly through the visual arts or symphonic music.


So why not let paintings go out through the museum doors and imprint themselves on hurried passers-by?

Andreea Buga printed fragments of Alma Redlinger’s paintings on scarves and tops made of silk, allowing the observer to admire closely the strokes of the brush and the vibration of the colors. Being only partial reproductions of the paintings, the attention is drawn to the details, to the association of the shades, darker or lighter, warmer or colder, which facilitate the reliving of subtle emotions experienced by the artist that created them. Familiarizing the public with true art on the street is a far reaching enterprise, slowly forging personal taste.


By adding the printed folds of silk to your personal image, you will emanate a fraction of the joy with which Alma Redlinger vibrated while painting a flower or a leaf, smiley, dreamy or slightly melancholic, enveloping like a perfume.

                                        (Adina Nanu)


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